• Material solutions for new energy industry

    360 degree protection of new energy

    Special customization of materials, 360 degree wrapping of lithium batteries in new energy vehicles, preventing potential risks such as cracking and liquid leakage, and ensuring the driving safety of new energy vehicles.

    Extended range

    The expanded lithium battery can fill the space, accommodate more electrolyte, effectively extend the mileage and reduce mileage anxiety.

  • Material solutions for pharmaceutical industry

    Reduce the risk of drug pollution

    Multi functional protection such as high strength, moisture and gas resistance can protect drugs in an all-round way, reduce pollution risk and ensure drug quality and safety.

  • Material solutions for food industry

    Longer food shelf life

    Give food packaging more excellent oxygen resistance and prolong the storage cycle and shelf life of food in natural environment.

    Improve food preservation experience

    The good performance of the materials at low temperature ensures the safe transportation of fresh and cold food, and makes fresh food a daily activity on the table.

    Grain storage and transportation loss reduction proposal

    From the grain producing area to the dining table, the high-functional BOPA membrane material is resistant to falling and breaking bags to protect the safe arrival of grain after thousands of transfers.

    Maintain long-term flavor

    Lock the flavor molecules for a long time, retain the flavor in the food for a long time, and transfer of the original flavor.

    Improve packaging safety at ultra-low temperature

    Improve the freezing resistance of materials, reduce the bag breaking rate under ultra-low temperature, and ensure the safety of frozen food packaging.

    Reduce the risk of oil bag breakage and leakage

    Improve the acid-base resistance, grease resistance and puncture resistance of the material, and prevent oil package from breaking, leakage and deterioration.

    Optimize food bag opening experience

    Customized packaging straight tear material scheme, easy to tear, straight tear and no side leakage, so as to improve the bag opening experience of end consumers.

  • Material solutions for daily chemical industry

    Improve home storage

    Give the contents a tighter package, reduce the risk of air leakage, improve the storage effect, and release 75% of the wardrobe space.

    Improve the convenience of daily chemical products

    Comply with the trend of lightweight, deeply interact with daily chemical enterprises, and improve the convenience of carrying and using daily chemical products.

    Enhance product appearance appeal

    Give more possibilities to product packaging, make products more exquisite, more texture, recognition and attraction.